Friday, August 12, 2005

Quit bitching about gas prices!

I've had it with gas prices. Not so much that they keep incessantly rising, but more the fact that people can't shut up about it.
Don't get me wrong, it sucks. Big time.
But there's nothing anyone is going to do about it because it is the last form of collusion out there and has gone unchecked. Funny how all gas stations seem to raise their prices at the same time and are always within a cent of each other.
But what really ticks me off about it ... what REALLY pisses in my well about the whole thing, is the lame-ass excuses "industry analysts" continually offer for each respective rise in prices.
This week, it was the THREAT of a hurricane in the gulf. (A few weeks ago it was a hurricane actually having hit.) Oh, and it was Iran breaking the seals on its uranium-enrichment plants.
What!? What in Allah's name does THAT have to do with oil prices!? It's not like Iran is ceasing production of oil because it's proceeding with its nuclear program. If anything, switching to nuclear power should make MORE oil available to sell and thus drive the price down.
Or, if it's a "market nervousness" thing, fine, investors would be more likely to sell.

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