Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred steps down

Fred Thompson bowed out of his bid for the presidency today. With that, the former Tennessee Senator ended a sad chapter that began too late, offered too little fire, and has now ended too soon.

An actor with an impressive filmography, folks expected him to tap that ability to "play the role" of the tall, conservative father-figure type we all envisioned. But alas, he lacked the theatrical skills of Ronald Reagan.

He campaigned as though he expected the votes, the money and the media attention to simply roll his way once he finished teasing the public about whether or not he'd run. Confidence? Maybe. Presumptuousness? Perhaps. Laziness? That probably will be the perception. A strong field of Republicans prevented him from hijacking the media attention he probably thought would come so easily. And more ballsiness like his refusal to participate in the grade-school 'show of hands' could've played pretty well nationally.

He should've announced months ahead of time that he'd officially start campaigning after Labor Day, then hit the trail with that same confidence but this time with all the gusto of a man who felt it was not his desire but rather his DUTY to become president.

Coulda, shoulda woulda ...

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