Saturday, October 06, 2007

Heisman trophy namesake buried in Wisconsin

Just found out last week that John W. Heisman, former director of the Downtown Athletic Club, and for whom the Heisman Memorial Trophy is named, is buried in Rhinelander (Grave D, Lot 11, Block 3 of the city-owned Forest Home Cemetery). That's about 45 minutes north of Wausau.
Apparently his wife was a Rhinelander native.
That's a pretty cool get for Wisconsin, and definitely worth a roadie for any serious football fans who find themselves in the vicinity.

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jerryschill said...

Nice indeed. Heisman was born in Cleveland Ohio but moved to Titusville PA when he was one year old. He graduated from high school here and learned to play football here. His Dad was a cooper and made wooden barrels to supply the new oil industry after Col. Edwin Drake drilled his historic well in 1859.