Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Twin Cities bridge collapse

At least seven people are dead in a massive bridge collapse on I-35W that spans the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. More are sure to follow, but storms and nightfall were hampering search-and-rescue efforts.

Homeland Security is saying it's not terrorism, a conclusion on which I'm honestly a bit torn. On the one hand, if it were a terrorist strike, it would prove wrong idiots like John Edwards, who thinks the War on Terror exists only on bumper stickers. Maybe he should sign up for the Homeland Security update from CQPolitics, from Congressional Quarterly. On the other, Bush-haters would be quick to blame Bush and use the incident as proof not that there is a war on terror but that "Bush hasn't made us any safer."

Thoughts and prayers with those killed and injured in the bridge collapse.

Gas today: $2.99/$3.09/$3.19/Diesel $3.04

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