Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fight Night II recap

Well, the GOP debate is over, and Carl Cameron is already predicting that the field will start to narrow a bit. There are sure enough guys getting 1% in polls that would seem to justify their stepping aside. Some thoughts:

Fox News' moderators - Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Wendell Goler - did an excellent job asking serious, well-researched questions, as well as maintaining a crisp pace. They didn't waste time with silly questions that are beneath a presidential candidate like Chris Matthews did two weeks ago.

Nice exchange between Ron Paul and Rudy Giuliani about what brought about 9/11. Paul asserted that it was America's foreign policy - particularly in the Middle East - that led to al Qaeda's wanting to hit us in the first place. Giuliani was having none of that, demanding that Paul retract his statement, countering that al Qaeda is simply an evil organization that hates us for our freedoms, etc. The funny thing? They're both right.

Paul would eliminate the Department of Education!? Oooh, you just lost the WEAC vote and the teachers unions (who I'm sure were considering you in the first place).

Line of the night goes to Mike Huckabee, who assailed the former Congress for "spending money like John Edwards at a beauty shop." Awesome!

Gas today: $3.29/$3.39/$3.49/Diesel $2.99

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Sandi said...

The field definitely needs to be narrowed down to those above 5%, to spend more time with likely candidates.

I've been pulling for Rudy for some time now, but am taking a hard look at Senator Fred Thompson. If he doesn't throw his hat in pretty quick though the door will be closed.